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A day of firsts


First run without Jo in my ear, I just set off and did whatever I wanted (within reason) except I didn’t know what that was.

I was feeling pretty tired from a long hard weekend in work, but also wanted to get out there. Doing a 5k for my graduation run killed me. I’d done something to my calves and it hurt a little to walk the next day, but ah well. Still wasn’t feeling great two days on, so figured best to leave it. Today, apart from sore feet, I felt good, so off I went.

Being tired I thought I might just stick to doing a ‘little’ 3k. Who would’ve thought that running a 3k would seem little a couple of months ago ey. Then I thought grr I should probably go and do the 30 minutes. Figured I’d see how I got on and decide whilst I was out.

Started running, wasn’t sure of what route to take. Felt pretty good, looked at my watch and was moving pretty quickly. Kept moving and feeling pretty good, albeit a little tired. I got to what would be my home straight and decided I was nowhere near done, hadn’t even reached 15 minutes by this point! How times Had changed from the first couple of weeks of the program where that’d be my normal route! So I carried on in the other direction and then turned around when I got to just under 20 minutes to head back to where I started. I was still undecided on whether to go for 3k or 30 minutes, so figured I’d compromise and get to where I started. I got to that point and only had about 4 minutes left to get to 30 minutes so carried on. I headed in the direction of Home rather than go back on myself a little, which meant I was finishing uphill. Then I got to 30 minutes, and had about 150-200m to get to 4k.

So being undecided between 3k and 30 minutes meant I compromised with 4k in 31 minutes 😂

I wasn’t aiming for anything in particular today, I just wanted to get out there. But it’s the fastest I’ve ran (I’m guessing due to the lack of sun, it was still very warm though! My Apple Watch said 23 degrees), and I achieved 5 PBs on Strava, knocking 2 minutes off my previous best 2 miles time.

Was also the first time I ran with a bit of rain in the air, I think there was a grand total of 5 drops of rain which landed on me 🙄 was hoping for some more but ah well!

Happy Sunday everyone x

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Brilliant well done! I am planning my first post graduation run tomorrow and this post is so encouraging thank you. You are doing so well especially without Jo’s prompts, keep going!

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Aw no worries! I’m glad it’s done that 😂

Honestly, I think I found it easier without Jo, I even stopped listening to my music towards the end too. But I did think about using the week 9 runs over and over to still have that encouragement there, but honestly it’s not needed.

I can set targets on my watch, so today I went with 3k but now I think I’m gonna go with 30 minutes target instead.

But good luck and I’m sure you’ll be fine! 😄


Well done on getting out there and going further and faster than you’d planned 🙌🏃‍♀️😊

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Thank you! Mad that I’m actually doing this lol


My Saturday run ended in a down pour.... Felt amazing 🌧

I wish mine had ahah! Not to be yet though 😂

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