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Holiday fitness post C25K


I’m off on holiday at the end of this week. I’m currently running regular 30mins and covering between 4 and 4.25k each time.

However I’m running in the early morning and in maximum temps of 12 degrees. I hate the heat! (Northern girl!)

The temps on holiday are going to be well beyond my comfort levels, but I don’t want to lose fitness.

I have access to a pool but so do the 6 children (some of them mine) I’m going with so suspect lengths might be tricky.

Any advice (shorter / quicker runs? Slower / shorter), please?

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If you’re going to a hotel, they’re might be a gym with a treadmill. I did 3x30 minutes on holiday. 👍🏽


No. It’s a holiday home, so no gym. Middle of nowhere too.

An air conditioned gym would be lovely 😊

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Apparently fitness won’t drop for a good 2 weeks so some swimming and walking should be fine!

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Middle of nowhere sounds great. How about in the cool of the early morning when there's no-one else around or when it starts to get cooler in the evening?


Morning. I love my morning runs here but the temperatures will be much higher than is comfortable for me. It might change after a few days if I acclimatise. The other idea that occurred to me last night was to run backwards and forwards in the pool! It will give my family something to giggle about 😁

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Hi, congratulations on your progress.

Recently went to Majorca, managed to go out first thing in the morning 4 out of 7 days.

I didn’t go as far as at home but I enjoyed it and felt I was doing something, which is better than nothing.

It was hot, yes I walked more but still had the feel good factor.

Happy holidays!

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