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I think I'm putting on weight!

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I graduated a week ago and feel really proud of myself. I twisted my ankle on the beach and have had to take it really easy running very carefully. I run on the tracks through my woods which are beautiful but pretty hilly... However I seem to be putting weight ON... Maybe I'm feeling hungrier , maybe I'm over compensating because I'm running ! Is anyone else having this experience ?. Very much want to lose a stone .. Advise please 🤔

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I put on weight when I first started running as I was eating to "fuel" my runs. But when you first start you're burning next to no extra calories. When I went back to eating the way I was before I started running, it came back off again. I had told myself i was building muscle or converting fat to muscle which was heavier. But I really wasn't.

And then I started tracking what I was actually eating, realised I was seriously over eating and started cutting back. So I have lost three stone over the last year... still not quite a healthy weight but on the way there and it is definitely still coming off, slowly but surely. And I feel like a healthy weight is achievable as well as in sight...

Even in the weight gain early running days, I was changing shape and getting thinner though. I just wasn't seeing it on the scales. So I found there is no need to eat more for thirty minute runs, you burn less than a chocolate bar... sad but true.

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I share the frustration and I am trying to lose a couple of stones at least - especially as it will also help with running.

But I am still prone to lapses in the diet. Although I have lost a small number of pounds I have toned up a lot and people have noticed that. I can also fit in jeans I could never previously. So I am resolved to have to track my intake and keep up the willpower. It’s not easy though!!

Thanks for that... Basically I've just got to stop eating so much .. I recon I've got two stone to lose as well!

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Try slimming world! I eat a tonne and lose weight still 😂

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Lizziwizxie in reply to Tasha99

I've done slimming world, lost weight but find I get obsessed with eating!

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Tasha99Graduate in reply to Lizziwizxie

I’m obsessed with eating. But I always have been. That’s my problem 😂

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I weighed soon after starting the programme and was feeling superb! Something I have never done before, but having a bit of a goal in mind, I thought I’d give some measuring a go. I had actually put on weight which was a bit disappointing and disorientating. I made a very quick decision that I wouldn’t stop running but certainly stop weighing, as I needed to give my body the time to catch up and understand it wasn’t a one off but something here to stay. 🤨 No storage required! 🤣!

I have never got back on the scales again. I felt that it wasn’t going to support me to weigh and in reality my goal is a dress size rather than a weight. That’s just a rough guess! So out with the scales and on with the programme! The joy I feel from completing my runs outweigh anything a scale could tell me. I have never looked back and I don’t intend to in the future either. I’m running regularly and my better shape, tone are now finally noticeable. My clothes are fitting wonderfully well. How much do I weigh now? No idea! 😂 But boy I feel fabulous in my clothes!!

I would just suggest not adding too much pressure on yourself and enjoy the programme. Some days and runs are more challenging than others, but hopefully it’s a great change for life, so do what feels most comfortable for you right now on your journey. Take it one day at a time and most of all do it in a way that feels like enormous fun!! ❤️

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