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I think I'm hooked...

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Missed my usual running slot yesterday morning, due to time constraints. Spent all day telling myself it didn't matter if I miss one day - could run Thurs/Sat instead etc.etc.. (don't really like evening runs) But at six o clock I couldn't stand it any more. On with the pink lace-ups, and out the door, gathering black clouds ignored. Got through the warm- up and the first five minutes, then the heavens opened. I could hardly see! Still - once you're out there there's no point in turning back, is there?

By the time I got to the half-way mark I was soaked, and the cars coming towards me were raising bow-waves in the rivers running down each side of the road, but not one of them splashed me. Every single driver (and there were many) took the trouble to move to the centre of the road and avoid the streams as they passed me. It has sent my faith in human nature up several notches, and it was easy to aim big grins at all of them as they went by.

Who says you never see a happy jogger?

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You've definitely got it bad :-)

Rainwater is supposed to be very good for the hair and skin!

My whole attitude to rain has changed since I started running, now I think oh good! Rain! Even if I'm not running... weird huh?

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ha ha! I am with Curlygurly - I see rain and want to run : D

I always make the effort to smile and thank drivers who move over for me and have an armoury of much less polite gestures for those who seem unable to cross the white line even when the road is absolutely empty ; )

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Well done! That's the spirit. You're a runner now. You got out there and ran through torrential rain.

It's not that bad is it? If you're not too far away from home it's not a problem is it. I think until you've done it, it's something you fear. Now you've cracked it, it won't be a worry any more.

Onward and upward then RP

Hooked! Well done - and you've found the love of running in the rain... once you're soaked you can't get any wetter so might as well carry on and stay nice and cool... so long as you've got a towel and warm shower near the end it's a great time to run...

Well done - that's the spirit of a runner there! :)

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It does sound like you are hooked ;o)

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