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It’s Interesting that you may be thinking that because you ran 20mins last week that some shorter runs with walking in between would be easy.....not so 😮

Thanks to some wise words from others on here I took it steady and completed the run but it was not as easy as I’d hoped.....you may even be forgiven for thinking that you have taken a step backwards in not running non-stop the whole time...😐....at least..... until I realised that after I’d started walking after the first run part something unexpected happened.....I wasn’t really very out of breath! & I was breathing normally very quickly. This is a great feeling, you actually feel fitter...amazing!

Now it seems clear to me that each run will test me, none of them may necessarily be or feel easier but with each run comes progress whether you recognise it or not, that’s the way the program has been designed 😃

A Question: MJ & others on here talk about consolidating runs....Now, I trust this program completely & will do as it tells me, but can someone explain how this works?....how you consolidate a 20 min run one week by running shorter distances & walking the next? Thanks guys 👍🏻🙏

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I'm afraid I can't help you with regard to the technical genius of the consolidating runs, but then I've been constantly amazed by the way this whole thing works. As for W6R1, you're not the only one who found it tough going.. I had exactly the same feeling as you after completing the first 20-min run. And like you, it was the breathing recovery that I noticed first (and I'm a smoker). Well done and keep at it... good things to come :)

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