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W9R2...defeated by my own brain

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Beautiful early morning, mist keeping it cooler than in recent days, all looked set fair for my penultimate run. Felt good until halfway, and then my resolve and self-motivation completely abandoned me and I stopped at 18 mins. This is the first time since week one that I've not finished a run. I think the distance tracker could be the problem, so I'm gonna ditch it next time, plus change the route and the playlist. Need my mojo back.

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It happens now and again. You’ve had 25 successful runs. Take a rest day, or two if you want, and go again. You can do this.

A mere blip this morning in your otherwise shiny and sparkling running record. Perhaps you just needed the day off, you’ll be back on it in a blink of an eye and wearing your graduation t shirt in no time at all. Make all those changes you mentioned and keep going, you’re almost there 👍

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Thanks guys :) Think I'm cross with myself more than anything.

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It happens..there could be whole host of reasons why...I think many, many of us have had this feeling. So, just use this as a dress rehearsal..rest up.. maybe get some stamina and strength exercise in, and then head out again, steady and slow and relaxed:)

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