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It was emotional...W5R3

Despite not writing a blog for a couple of weeks, I have continued to struggle through the program and this morinng I actually completed the dreaded 20 minutes.

This was an enormous acheivement, I am not an emotional person but I could have cried this morning, this was huge!!

I really feel like I have broken the back of this now, and can strive onto greater things.

It it has confirmed that although still suffering with soreness and aches, which I am sure is my body still adapting this is more mental than physical, prior to starting this program I am convinced I would have given up at 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

What a brilliant way to start a day, I am not saying the rest will be easy but for sure I now know it's acheivable.

Good luck to anybody with me on this journey, and believe in yourself, you can do it!!!

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Well done Gaz, the 20 minute run is amazing. Now you are only adding a few minutes each time so you know deep down you WILL do it. Next week imagine how you'll feel when you get to 25?

My body has only just stopped aching from around week 7, its bound to complain at you a bit. Just dont put up with any pain - aches are ok. Look forward to seeing the rest of your posts and your progression in the coming weeks,


Well done Gaz. :-) It is a huge achievement and I fully understand the emotional part because I did cry when I did the 20 minute run on Friday, it was just such a relief! I really had doubts that I could do it but when I got to the 15 minute mark that is when I started believing I could do it. :-) We will definitely be running longer and faster in the future.

The very best of luck for week 6 :-)


Well done! The 20min run is massive as it proves you have the fitness to go longer distances. After doing week 6 runs 1 and 2, it's just adding a few more minutes at a time.

My advice would be to be fairly cautious with runs 1 and 2 of week 6 as many find it strange and challenging going back to stop/start after running 20mins. I'm due to do week 6, run 3 today so will be going back to a very slow pace to make sure I get round it.

Good luck with week 6! :-)


Very well are on your way! It was great to hear of your success.


Congratulations on reaching the W5R3 milestone. There'll be no looking back now and, as the guys above have already said, it's just a matter of adding to your already brilliant achievement (I did it on Friday and am still basking in the glory...). ;-)


Hey, well done! It feels amazing, doesn't it? I did my W5R3 this morning and actually did cry afterwards, so I understand the emotional response :) good luck with the rest of the programme.


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