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Can I do this?

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Hi all

Have not posted as this name before.I graduated on the Couch to 5K a few years ago but I can honestly say I never really enjoyed running so I didn't keep it up. Now at the age of 64 I find myself being a little interested again. I find I am scared of not being able to breathe again like before (but know I did). I wish I had the enthusiasm before running as I do when I finish. I always think people look as if they are really enjoying running.

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What, you don't enjoy the sense of achievement? Being outdoors? Having time for you, time to just cast off the worries of the day and switch off?


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Tap into your memory of how good it felt at the end of each run when you measured your progress. Get out there, take it slow and easy and enjoy nature!

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ReturnagainGraduate in reply to Flyingred

Thank you. I DO enjoy being out as I walk the dog every night. I will jyst have to persuade myself to start again.

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I'm your age, did C25K more than ten years ago and did not enjoy it.

This time round, apart from finding this forum, I'm also using the fact that I'm over 60 as a reason not to beat myself up about being slow, which I used to do all the time before. Believe it or not, I'm having a really good experience so far! Just about to start Week 7.

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ReturnagainGraduate in reply to Denovo

Brilliant good luck and keep going.

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Thank you Denovo that is exactly what I have done, and I am really enjoying what I have done this time. I start wk3 tomorrow and looking forward to it. I think what makes a difference this time is because I am retired from work I can do this anytime and not after work at night.

Of course you can do it! You’ll be great. Honestly though - if you really don’t enjoy it then maybe running isn’t for you. I have said it before & will probably get shot down in flames but running isn’t for everyone. Don’t beat yourself up - if you don’t feel it then don’t make yourself unhappy. Maybe try something else? Cycling, swimming, dancing? Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Thank you I take your point but I so like the idea of running. We'll see

You can do it but if you really don't like running find something else but keep it up 3 times a week and get your heart going.

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