You CAN do it!

It has been a while since I posted here. I started the couch to 5K over a year ago and had many problems completing it. I was overweight (massively), unfit and surprisingly negative. To be fair, I am amazed that I completed it.

I completed my first timed 5K last summer in a time of 28 minutes. It was a gloriously sunny day, and I celebrated with beer. I couldn't have been more proud of myself.

Now, I run at least one 10k a week, and have upped my 'long runs' (usually twice weekly to 14k. I am also running a half marathon in May. Yes, just a few months ago this was unthinkable.

Some things I have learnt;

1. Running with friends is so much better than running alone. I am a member of a running group that spends as much time socializing as running. Have a look for something local and join - it makes a massive difference.

2. Keeping hydrated is very important - but that doesn't mean you need to be drinking every few minutes. I have a drink half an hour before I run, and then lots of water when I finish. No need to carry a waterbottle.

3. Show tunes are the best running music!

4. Running is a massive boost to your mental health. I was in a 'not good' place - running has helped massively.

Whatever stage you are at now - you can do it. I done it - and I was, most likely, in much worse shape than you.


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7 Replies

  • Lovely post. I agree with everything in it - especially the bit about social running. That has also been my way to consolidate my passion for running. It is so much fun.

  • That's brilliant....and very motivational. I have couch to 5 k on my iPod, I downloaded it ages ago when a 'Laura' was talking it through, I never kept it up but it's still on their so I actually did my first run at 7am this morning it's getting lighter earlier it's ideal for going out as soon as it's running up to 14 k is very impressive....most inspiring.......Shirley .

  • I start my c25k tomorrow. I am doing it cos am over weight (obese on bmi scale) and notice that when I am stuck in i tend to binge on junk through boredom. bring on my week1

  • I went through a particularly rough time and self-medicated with KFC - not good for me, but tasty! I was obese too - not now though. I would recommend keeping it easy, and dont over do it. Keep the pace down to ensure you complete the rum. It will feel like the hardest thing ever but in two months you wont believe how easy W1 feels.

  • Good for you Chris. It's amazing isn't it how we can improve so much just by getting out for a run. Long may it continue. Good luck with your training for the half!

  • Thanks for sharing - I'm inspired 😀 ... I'm doing W7 R2 (for the second time) tomorrow and have been feeling a little disheartened. I needed something like this to remind me to keep going .

  • I done a few weeks twice. It is demoralising, but it is best to do something right and not 'cheat'. I do think C25k is a mental excercise more than a physical thing. You will get there and you will be amazed at how easy a 5k can be.

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