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Bonus night off . . . . or annoying missed session?


Such a dilemma, you don't know how you should feel . . . . . .

This week work has really interfered with the schedule, long days, long drives and working to deadlines meant that Tuesday's run was never going to happen. So I'm left feeling annoyed that I'm not sticking to "the plan". Tuesday's run actually happened Wednesday evening, should cause a problem . . . . . should it!?

Now here is the real dilemma. As a result of the bonus rest day I will only be doing two runs this week, not the three I should be. However, because of the extra rest, I end up putting in a great time, covering a brilliant 5.5k in the 30 minutes.

OMG! How do we move forward now?

Everything you read says to get the most benefit out of running, it should be 30 minutes, three times a week. But, doing two sessions results in more speed/better times.

Damn that extra rest day!

I now throw myself at the mercy of the court, or at the mercy of the forum anyway.

What do YOU do in this situation?

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I reckon for this running lark to be sustainable you have to work it around your life, and sometimes work etc gets in the way and 3 runs a week isn’t manageable.

As long as it’s occasional and doesn’t become a slippery slope (ie try to pull it back at weekend If you can) then it will wax and wane and that’s life.

Otherwise it will become such a pressure to do the 3 that it becomes a chore and a source of stress when you can’t do it. If your stats are better at twice a week then surely that’s an occasional billy bonus, and extra rest ???

My twopenneth!

Cut some slack - keep at it as much as you can - accept there will be weeks when it’s impossible to do everything.

Sometimes life or work just does it’s best to interfere - exactly the same happened to me on Wednesday night. I was slated to do a shorter recovery run before having 2 days rest then a park run on sat..... but I got home late, then wife popped out and before I knew it - I’d run out of time.

On Saturday & Monday I ran 5k around 40 minutes (around 8.20/km) i slowed down completely to make sure I could get to 5k.

Tonight (2 days rest) I did a 2.5km recovery run at 6.55/km. I knew it was a “bit” faster, but it didn’t feel that much faster!

You’re not running to a timetable now and they do say sometimes to give your body a few extra days off and you’ll do so much better when you go back!

Answer - don’t worry about it! 🏃‍♂️😂

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I know I shouldn't worry about it Lounge. But it's a bit like having guilty little secret . . .. . shhhh, I only ran twice this week, don't tell anyone.

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Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me - I won’t tell anyone, and I don’t think anyone else noticed! 👍👍🤣

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