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1st post to welcome week 7 ..... I've got this!


It’s only taken me a year.... 😂

I’m celebrating week 6 run 3. I’m going into week 7 feeling like the boss! It’s been tough to get to this point but it’s been worth it. So chuffed with myself right now!

I’ve planned to complete C25K too many times to count. This time i truly believe I WILL run 30minutes continuously!

I don’t know how many of you out there are like me. Plan a weight loss and exercise plan to the finest detail only to loose faith, confidence and will power after a couple of weeks. Whoever you are I want this post to motivate you and to give you faith that you will get there!

Remember! You are totally worth the effort and you CAN do this.

Mwah 💋

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You can do it. Most people on here didn’t think they ever could but they manage it. Your doing brilliantly !!

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Thanks for your kind words :)


Now you believe you will, you will.

Doesn’t matter how long a challenge like this takes, in many ways the guy who finishes last has conquered bigger issues than the guy in first, they are the true champions amongst us.

Well.......I’ve never been kissed like that by a stranger before😝

I have to confess I seem to be stuck on the same week at the moment.

I think I’m afraid I’ll miss the challenge of getting to the end if and when I get there😎

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LOL... There's a first for everything!

You've totally got this though. When you get there it will be EPIC! Out of curiosity what is it about this week that you find tricky? My breathing goes to pot ¾ of the way through. I'm still working through it. I'm hoping that week 7 will be an opportunity to crack that :)

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Partly it’s because I’ve been away recently.A festival and then being at altitude in the Swiss Alps, places I didn’t really want to go running particularly but also it’s a matter of managing my time around work and meals at the moment to get out there.

The extended time between runs means I don’t feel I’m improving.

Still lovin it though.

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