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w11r3 and w12r1


Yes, you are thinking C25K only has 9 weeks, but I am not confident of progressing to anything more than 5K until this running stuff is clearly totally habitual.

These two runs were a complete break for me.

W11R3 was my first run away from home - I was at a conference in Swanwick, Derbyshire, and I just followed a local road for 2.5K and then turned round and ran back. It was uphill out, and so downhill back - and this suits me just fine :) Really excellent run, very pleased with myself, and grateful that I had the courage to do it.

W12R1 this morning was also a break, although I am back at home. First run in the rain - this has to be a record for running in Cumbria (1 wet day in 12 weeks), and also the first time I decided to venture off-road for any distance. Well, the wet grass was okay, the rough ground was manageable, but the brambles... And then I hit a no-entry sign on the footpath where the pipeline is going through - and I admit, I ignored it and carried on. In the end only 3.8 Km in 32 minutes - all the stiles and those b......y brambles.

Working towards a Parkrun on Saturday.

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Hope you found running in the rain okay - did you wear your glasses? :) Well done on the conference run - I'm guessing that when people branch out of their normal comfort zone post-graduating that's when they really feel like proper runners :D

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I did wear my glasses. Okay, they were running with water, and it's not ideal, but planning to run off-road, I thought it was a good idea to see where my feet were going...

I felt fantastic running up that road, saying 'good morning' to the postman and the guy delivering papers to the shop... At home I never see anyone at 5:30.

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You are definitely a runner Old! And hopefully feeling like a younger fellow than when you started 🤓


From my knowledge of the generous quantities of food at that conference centre, a run is definitely a good idea!

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Indeed, and a week of fasting required afterwards.


Sounds good to me, we all have to tackle this running thing in our own way - so good on you 🙂

Well done getting 2 more under your belt, Old Fellow! Hope you get chance to try out that Parkrun on Saturday. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you do. 😊🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️❤️

It sounds sound like you enjoyed those two great consolidation runs. Well done on moving out of your normal comfort zone! 👏😊


Enjoy your ParkRun! My favourite things ever!

I started in February through the beast from the east - easier than running in all this hot weather, believe me!


Great stuff theoldfellow! 😁 I’ve had to do a few about turns on my runs, so I know that feeling well, but its great to just get out there and see where it takes you isn’t it? I’m not planning for any longer runs until it’s habitual for me too!

I’m sure the park run will have less obstacles and you’ve already done the distance! Well done you!! ❤️

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