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1st post. Newbie want to get fit but lack motivation

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Hi, I'm male and 39 ,married and 2 boys, and have recently (8 weeks ago) undergome shoulder surgery. I have struggled with shoulder pain for 10 to 15 year so hopefully all good soon. I used to be a regular at the gum, 3/4 days a week. Not so much fitness more weights. However over the last 2 years I have down much at all as my shoulder was to bad,I've put a little weight on maybe a stone,even jogging or very light weights was bad. However since being off work for the last 7 weeks I've started to go on a decent walk every day and I'm thinking of doing the c25k but seem to lack confidence when running out on the roads and also seem to lack motivation although it's something that I know will improve my life and the way I feel.

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Check this out....loads of great advice.

Just head out there... slow, steady and follow the plan. Keep posting too for support and encouragement...take that first step...knowing we are right there with you.

This could be one of the best things you have ever done:)


Thank you for the support and encouragement, it's appreciated

If you have the all clear from your medical team (maybe print off the plan and show them) then there is nothing to stop you but you. Motivation can only come from you but doing this programme will give you so much you won't regret it. Just go out for the first run, take it slowly and in a cooler part of the day and you will be on your way. We're all here to support you, cheer you on, congratulate, maybe comisserate or give you a kick up the b*m if necessary.

This might help get you started


Hi thanks for taking the time to reply, I have all clear and to slowly build up exercise, I'm back at work in a week so that's good. I'm feeling good in myself and I know the surgery has been successful so I'm in the best possible place I can be to start doing this. I'm realistic and know It will be difficult as iv never really done much cardio, but i hope i cam get into it and stick to it, see if I can be at my best by the time I'm 40. Thanks for your words.

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Can I just say that going from exercising to mostly not, yet only putting on a stone in 2 years is awesome as far as I'm concerned!

I guess you are still getting over the surgery, which will affect how you feel in general. Can you find a pleasing route and good music to take your mind off the reality of doing C25K? Or if you are a former gym rat, would starting it on a treadmill at the gym take you over the initial hump?

Thanks I really appreciate it, I'm think I'm going intake a steady jog/walk tomorrow, I'm going to take boys to school, so while I'm out it makes sense,thanks

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I have just completed week 1 and it’s wasn’t all that bad. Thought I would struggle but didn’t. Do you have a local park that you can run around.

Yes I do I think I'm going to start at the park and make my way home from there, thanks

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I really hope your shoulder is back pain free and functional, it can have such a wide negative impact as you've found.

If you're OK to run, C25K with its steady structure with lots of consolidation is a great way to bolster your confidence when looking to improve your fitness. I avoid running on roads personally to keep it as gentle as possible on my body and am fortunate that I can easily get to other surfaces and environments. I have found slow running much gentler on my body than brisk walking and a much better cardiac workout.

As for the motivation, many of us find that if we just make a start, the motivation catches up with us.

Good luck, and enjoy.

Thanks for the advice, sounds good to find places to run without roads

I'm a morning person, so my answer might be annoying:

Run early in the morning!

One of my greatest fears starting-besides the gasping and sweating and heaving and almost crying-was being seen by people. I am a tomato-faced sweat bomb walking briskly uphill, I could only imagine the embarrassment of running where actual people might see it.

Guess who's up at 5:00am? Exactly no one. Well, a couple of cars here and there. But there aren't hordes of people walking the sidewalks!

Added bonus: It's a good many degrees cooler at that hour.

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