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Anti runner


Hi. I began the couch to 5K in late April, soon after my 40th in March in an attempt to rid myself of some wobbly bits 😁 and maybe even get a bit fit.

I have avoided running my whole life and can’t say I’m enjoying this challenge at all whilst actually running. However, I will not give up. Not now. I’m so close. Although I wouldn’t really call it running, it’s more of a medium to mild jog really. I’ve just finished week eight, run 2. I do feel the benefits (and pain) in my recovery time and am really proud of my achievements so far, despite hating the actual running 😂.

Anyway thought I’d say hi and see how everyone else is getting on.

P.S. it does wind me up when proper runners overtake me and say ‘good morning’ like they have all the breath in the world while I’m gasping for air and feel like flipping them the bird 😂😂(sometimes I do if no body’s watching 😉)

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Wow, not long to go now. I go really slowly - just plodding along really, but it doesn’t matter one bit in the context of C25K. Good luck, and keep going!


🤣 I could’ve flipped the bird a lot this morning!

You say something really interesting. You say you can’t say you’re enjoying this challenge at all “whilst actually running”.

So how do you feel after running?

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I feel great afterwards. I guess that’s why I keep doing it. Shocked at my survival 😂😂

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That’s what I was hoping you’d say.

I feel like I gradually die in the first half of each run and gradually recover (albeit increasingly tired).

But afterwards I usually get the deepest calm and feeling of great satisfaction or, after a particularly hard run, an immense high.

May you carry on feeling great.


Just keep going and you too will be able to greet others breezily.

In respect of enjoyment, try slowing at an easy conversational pace.........speed will come later.


Relax, slow down.. bask in the after run glow and know that the ones who breeze past you were gasping all the way up to you..took a huge breath and shouted good morning, then collapsed into exhausted gasping when they were out of sight :)

You are doing simply wonderfully...and you simply cannot hate running... because you are still doing it:)

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Thank you Oldfloss xx


“Proper runners” 🤣🤣🤣

You’ll be one soon!

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