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Aaaargh FaceTime pauses Sarah!!


It’s my eldest’s birthday today, and I had to fit in my final Wk3 run today, while his dad was putting together his basketball hoop (I wasn’t ducking out of the construction process 😂😉). But what I didn’t account for was that my brother would be trying to Facetime and send him birthday wishes while I was trying to run! It paused Sarah and I don’t know how long it was before I realised I’d been walking for quite a lengthy 90seconds😂😖 I ran a bit extra to make up for it, but it bugs me that my Strava stats aren’t comparable today to the rest of Wk3 ...

PMA though...I made it out and stats are just stats!

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Yup. It’s all about the sessions. As long as you finish them nowt else matters It’s all peripheral flim-flam. The tech is so much more annoying that the running 😃

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It totally is! I was only just used to having my phone on my arm and then had to faff around taking it off again 😂 feeling ready for Wk4 now though!


Oh that's happened to me - someone phoned me during a walk cool-down and I didn't realise it had paused the app! Oh well - well done on finishing week 3 and don't worry about stats!

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Thank you! Feeling ready to take on wk4 now 😬 just need to remember to switch on ‘Do Not Disturb’ for the next run!

Oh no, technology! Awful stuff!! I wear my phone on my arm too, and I never know if calls/texts pause MJ!

I also tried out MapMyRun yesterday but I didn’t sync it with C25K, so the results were useless! Will try (and probably fail) again tomorrow!

Where’s a small tech-savvy child when you need one? 😅

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Haha absolutely! One of my small tech savvy children would have it sorted straight away...but they’d also probably be running miles ahead of me too 😂

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