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W5R3 - over 60


Just completed W5R3 and I'm very buoyed by the achievement. My husband and I are doing the program together - couch to 5K for me, bar stool to 5K for him :-) We are 61 and 63 and so far so good, we have managed to complete all the runs. 5 weeks ago I found it a stretch to keep running for a minute and today I did a 20 minute run ! So the program works well even if you are a bit more mature. My tips are to run with music, run with a friend if you can and don't feel you have to run fast, just keep running. As well as already feeling appreciably more fit I have noticed a distinct boost in my sense of wellbeing. Win, win !

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Wow! Congratulations to both of you!

Sounds great 😉 keep enjoying the journey Pal envy I always run alone lol


Well done!


Well done to you both. I started at 60 in March and can now run 5k so anything is possible

Well done I’m 61 on wk 7 and I feel well both in mind and body

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