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In my opinion W5R3 has to be first run of uninterrupted nature and a major challenge of sorts of this programme. But is it to be dreaded and feared? Absolutely not is my answer. If you have followed the program sincerely then you should meet the requirement of the W5R3 run. However we all are fortunately or unfortunately different humans so our bodies will respond differently. Some will find it easy to run and some perhaps might find it a bit laboured. However the way the programme has worked for me I am confident that its designed keeping in my mind even the most incapable of running and hence if you have reached this far then trust me you should run more or less the entire stretch of it.

Wow only three more weeks to go!

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Great job and great advice. These runs are only feared because we either overthink them, or we think about them the wrong way. They’re all (just) doable!

BlistersnblissGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

yes I agree. Most of us give ourselves less credit than we actually should. Nagging doubts about our abilities are a scourge.

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Blistersnbliss

As can be over confidence for us right now... week 6 starts with a nasty set of intervals... slow and steady, we got this! I believe but I have to reel in the smash it attitude


When I completed W5R3 run I was very pleased with myself and looked forward to the first run of week 6. I had read all the information regarding the first run, so I took it very carefully and slowly just running the first 5 minute run and the 8 minute run only a little faster than walking pace, after the last 3 minute walk I ran the last 5 minutes of running a lot quicker.


That's the beauty of the programme! At some point the penny drops and you find yourself saying 'I can do this' to yourself and then no matter what the coach tells you to do you can do it with confidence.

I just did this run today. Was anxious to start but once I got running it was very doable. I was exhausted as soon as I stopped running though. Looking forward to week 6.


Right... it is just another run.. taken slow and steady it is perfectly fine:)

Just relaxing and taking each run as it comes.. all different... all to be enjoyed.

Delight not dread... anticipation not apprehension...enjoyment not endurance... wonderful stuff!

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