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W7R2 yesterday evening


It never ceases to amaze me that I find the motivation to go running. A couple of extra rest days because my ankle is hurting, a late finish from work, a cup of tea and an offer from a friend to drop me at the top of the trail so I'm running slightly downhill rather than uphill and meet me at the other end (oh gosh I've just had a drink, should I run now, ankle not 100% should I run now, if I can't run it due to ankle and walk instead how long will I keep friend waiting, blah blah blah). So I got home, put on my holey shorts, stuck Laura in my ears, set Strava and went for a run down the canal towpath instead. Didn't want to keep friend hanging around.

Really pleased because I completed the run, ran to the same furthest point I've reached (last time I turned round a couple of minutes late so I had a longer warm down walk on the way back, THIS time I reached same point on half way bell, so some improvement). Got back, checked Strava for distance and pace. Bother it didn't record. It shows I went to the canal, then nothing. Strava pal asked if I swam today instead of running, and whether I'm considering triathlons?! (which I'm not). Will have to calculate pace mathematically later.

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I hate it when the technology doesn't work! So annoying! But you ran!😎


Well done, sounds like great run even without Strava. 🏃‍♀️💪

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