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Soft Tissue Injury


It's been 8 months since I last ran, I was two runs away from graduation but suddenly overnight after a 30 minute run on the treadmill, I developed a left inner ankle pain and stiffness which has just stopped me in my tracks! It's been a very long road so far, but several Gp appointments, a Private appointment, Two x-rays, physio, anti-inflammatories, gels, painkillers, exercises, stretches and an MRI later (still waiting for appointment with Consultant to discuss MRI), it appears that I have a bumpy ankle-bone and some soft-tissue injury. I am still none the wiser of what I can do to help alleviate this problem, ( it also impacts on my everyday life with standing, walking etc). so please if anyone else has had the same problem and can offer me any advice whatsoever, I would be eternally grateful as I'm feeling so cheesed-off and frustrated at the moment!

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If you’ve damaged ligaments it feels like forever before they stop hurting. Maybe ask for more physio? That’s what has always helped me.

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