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App or podcast?


Hi guys, I am on W2r2 tomorrow and have been listening to the podcasts on my Ipod. If I put the app on my Android phone do I need to have an internet connection to use it when jogging? If so how much data does it use? Also can I use it to measure the distance I travele or do I use another app for that? Apologies for being dim regards smart phone stuff but I'd feel daft running with a laptop on a tray round my neck looking for wi fi hot spots. I like the idea of having a record of my runs but if it's a faff I'll stick with what I know.


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I used the app on an iPhone, but can’t see why it would be any different. No, you don’t need WiFi. The app has everything already downloaded to your phone, so you just pick a trainer and click on the run you want. An added advantage is you can play your own music with the app, rather than enduring the podcast music. (Just follow the instructions and start your music first. When the app voice is speaking the music goes quieter.)

As far as measuring your run distance, the C25k app won’t do that. There are a number of free running apps that will, including Strava, Runkeeper, Nike+... I use Runkeeper. I have mobile data switched off / no WiFi while running, but it still records the GPS data without needing it. I think the app transfers some data later on our home WiFi, but am not that techie to know what it’s upto.

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Thanks for that, I'll give it a try.

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