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Wk7 R2 My last run was over a month ago argh!

Well I went for a run today, I have to admit I walked 5 steps at the top of the hill and 8 steps to listen to Laura giving me some advice on deep breathing.

There are mitigating circumstances, why I stopped running and I hope you can forgive me. The last week of June / first week of July I ran an English Summer Camp for Italian children. It is great fun, but I was too tired to run in the evening or morning.

Despite my month lay off, the run wasn’t too bad, I think because I was sure I wouldn’t manage to run it, which I managed (except the 13 steps)

Also here, if you stop running the pesky mosquitoes attack you.

Have a great summer

Pecora Nera

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Good to see you getting back out there - I took 3 weeks off at week 6 and it wasn’t toooo bad getting back into it. Don’t beat yourself up about a couple of steps - you’ll be back on track in no time - plenty room on the podium

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I thought running around after 24 kids would keep me fit...


Its like confession !

It must be so hot for you out there, well done 👍🏼


It is very hot here, I can only run first thing in the morning or late at night.


Fab photo! Those kids love you!


It was a great couple of weeks. Hard work but lots of fun


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