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Mad to aim for 10K by September?



I started the ‘Couch to 5k’ app in April. I took 2 months off recently as I was doing a lot of DIY. I’ve started again this week & done 2 runs, luckily I was able to start where I left off. So I’m at Week 4 level (3 min run, 90 sec walk, 5 min run,2.5 min walk, 3 min run, 90 sec walk, 5 mins run)

I signed up to (& paid) do a 10K run in September. I’m nowhere near as you can see. I’m running a total of 16 mins over interval training & very out of shape.

Shall I just keep going with the app & hopefully I can run half of the 10K by then & just walk the rest? Or will I be laughed out of town & finish last all by myself?!! I’ve never done a public run before

It’s the Kew Gardens 10K one, so very flat.

Also is there a 10K app you recommend? I’ve found one called ‘10K runner’ but I don’t like the mechanical American voice. ‘Couch to 5k’ is sooo good & fun. I have Caroline Milligan as my coach!

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Well you have already paid for it so as you say you can run half and walk half. This can be your motivation to keep going. I’m sure you won’t be the only one walking a big part of the course. There will of course be the really serious folk who treat it like a race but there will be others out for the fun of the day. You should be graduated the 5 k by then so just walk the rest.

Thank you for the advice Hilanic. The team have also let me know there is a training day on Aug 11th so we can sample the route. Maybe I can get some advice then too.


I would aim to do your best. Run what you can run, walk/run the rest.

I am aiming to reach 10k by the end of September. The programme elsewhere here is an 8 Week one, building on running 5k comfortably.

I graduated about a month ago and I’m now more comfortable with 5ks but dont quite feel ready yet, so I’m consolidating that through July and then doing the 8 weeks August and September.

A lot depends on how fit you are generally (I wasn’t at all) and how fast you are (my 30 min runs were below 3.5k).

I’d just keep plugging away and turn up for the 10k resolved to do the best you can at this stage. It will be a great experience no matter what.

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