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Aiming for an 11.3k run


11.3k run on the 10th of July. I want to be able to run 12k by end of June, so as to be ready for this run.

That is 5 months or 21 / 22 weeks away. Say 21 weeks.

If I increase my runs 500m every three weeks as one long run a week, I should be able to reach my target by end of June, then have two weeks to get confident I can do it ?

Do you guys have done something similar? Did it work? Do you think a "little old lady" can pull this off?

I have already posted on this previously and taking in all suggestions I was then able to work out this plan.

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You are not a little old lady, you're a kick-ass lady - and your plan sounds perfect! Go for it, girl. Big hugs from your fan in MTP Bopalula :)


I went from couch to 5k, then now running 10k. My advice is don't try and go for time, just keep it slow and add gradually distance. You'd be surprised what you can do, as I had only ran my first 5k about 6 weeks before my 10k!

nhs2015Graduate in reply to Columbo

This is good news for me, thanks Columbo

Hi nhs

It sounds from this post and your last one that you are already doing a huge amount with a good idea of how to get where you want to. Incorporating those extra strength exercises is a great idea! I know I simply don't do anything other than two daily walks, running and just beginning to get some swimming in as well. I wish I was organised enough to do Pilates, apparently that is very good for strength.

I am also thinking of increasing my distance; I had a look at a beginner to 10k plan and adapted it for me, so I started around the middle but tweaked the timings a bit. I managed the first run- 5 min walk , 3 reps of 12 min jog & 1 minute walk, one further 12 minute jog and 5 min cool down walk. That was Weds evening and my calves and butt are still stiff! its a bit like carrying on with Laura's C25K, there's another two of that to do this week before moving on to the run sections being 15 mins. I am 'running' really slowly, just trying to cope with the duration.

I'm now wondering if I should only be doing one of these a week and mix it up with a 5k run and a stepping stones one (the speed one)...

That looks like a very sensible individual plan. I think when we are armed with the knowledge we need we are best placed to come up with a plan that suits our own personality best. Good luck with all your training and remember to enjoy it it's one of the best bits.


nhs2015 all I would add is take a look at some race training plans, most include some lighter weeks to add recovery. Also dont forget to taper pre-event it will help on the day.

nhs2015Graduate in reply to Qscout

Thanks Qscout, I did notice somewhere that the week before an event was very light. I intend to do it this way.


This is very good. While I know that the accepted rule of thumb is 10% a week, stretching it out it or having some weeks with shorter runs gives your body more time to adapt. This also gives you flexibility - if you want to increase a little sooner you can, if you want to pull back a week you have the time.

nhs2015Graduate in reply to runswithdogs

Thanks, will keep this in mind


Sounds like a great plan to me, and a decent amount of time to train up in, so you won't feel under pressure. I moved from 5 to 10k in a similar way, Two x 5ks plus a longer run which I extended by between .5 and 1k every week. The progression happened more easily than I expected (I am 50 btw!) As others have said, don't worry about speed, just take it nice and steady and you will get there! Good luck🙂.

nhs2015Graduate in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks. Actually I can feel my thighs today after my long run. I do need two days break to recover, so it is obviously working

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to nhs2015

I often take two days rest. If I have too many one day breaks I start to feel it in my legs!! it's important to listen to your body I think.🙂


Little old ladies can do anything! I love your plan, it sound like a steady way to progress to great things! I have a 10k in June and Half Marathon September. I run 2 X 5k plus a long run, starting at 10k with that. I think that will get me to where I need to go

nhs2015Graduate in reply to JoolieB1

Wow, this is good joolie


Looks like a good plan to me. You can do this! Little-old-ladydom is only a state of mind and you definitely don't fit the bill!! :)

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