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Aiming for 10k


Completed my 3 runs for week two for feb Jantastic on Friday. Today was a nice morning so I thought I'd try a different route for a change of scenery just to get out. Measured the route when I got back and it was 6k, well chuffed with that. 😊 It looks like a change to my goal as I started this program to achieve 5k and now I am aiming for 10k never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be saying that, it may take a while but something new to aim for. I am so pleased I took up the challenge as it has done what it said on the label and now I have been bitten by the running bug I can't wait for the next run, not a bad life really! Happy running everyone.

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Well done you! It IS possible, I've just done my first 10K, I never even thought I would think about it if you know what I mean! You know the drill, slow and steady just increase a little at a time, but you'll get there before you know it. The most amazing thing is 5K feels like a short run now! xx

Thank you and well done to you achieving your 10k. I haven't thought about speed yet just as well really as I'm a bit of a plodder but hopefully that will surprise me like my run this morning did. 😊


Oh fab stuff ! Well done , youre on fire NTJ ! :-) xxx

Frank-ntj in reply to poppypug

Thanks PP, I have just had a quick look behind me and can't see anything smouldering so think I'm ok. Keep smiling! 😊

poppypugGraduate in reply to Frank-ntj

Ha ha ! :-D xxxx


great stuff NTJ :D it really doesnt take long to be drawn in and hooked by running and it is pretty amazing . I wa steh same always thought 5k is more than enough but like you now working on 10K :D

Frank-ntj in reply to Slow_Rob

Thanks for that Rob, it certainly is addictive, safe and happy running to your 10k!

Slow_RobGraduate in reply to Frank-ntj

thanks NTJ you too


Go for it New-to Jogging. My famous words I'm sticking to 5K have now been haunting me for almost a year, having with the help of the running club pushed myself on to 10K. All my friends keep reminding me of this when I admit what races I have signed up for this year.

Frank-ntj in reply to c4ts

Thanks for the encouragement, haven't thought about races or park runs yet that will be something to head for when I'm a little more comfortable with a longer distance. Hope you do well in your future races! 😊


Haha :D It's funny how it gets to you isn't it! Lovely time of the year to be out and about for longer too. Happy running :)

Slow_RobGraduate in reply to hilbean

spring is definitely on its way Hil :D can wait

Frank-ntj in reply to hilbean

Never thought it at first but it certainly sneaks up on you, then your reeled in. But it is enjoyable, keep smiling. 😊


I must admit, I am thinking the same. With the lighter mornings and less frosty weather do I maybe start extending my weekend run? It looks like you will get there before me!

Frank-ntj in reply to catch

Not sure if I will but it will be fun trying. Happy running! 😊

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