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Well that’s done! You’re all going to get an update every time I do a run, so feel free to read on...

Personally, I’ve never been a runner, I’ve always swam but I’ve always tried to get into running.

I’m enjoying it so far, I’m not unfit, so I’m finding it relatively easy (I put it down to walking my dogs everyday for at least an hour is why I can even do this at all! 😂).

Does anyone else take their dogs with them? I take my youngest (my oldest struggles to keep up) but even he seemed to struggle! I was jogging with 22kg of weight behind me, so it looks like I’m not the only one needing to get into this!

I’ve been getting loads of support so far, all in 1 day! What a fab bunch of people. Keep up the brilliant work people!!

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I tried running with my furry friend, but she is the opposite - she pulls me a lot, just to stop suddenly for a wee. I tried several times and now I am running alone. I have a plan to take her with me when I feel confident after graduation. So when intervals won't be crucial ;)

But she is similar with walking, so IMO if your dogs are good with leash-walking they will be good with jogging. Especially that you were taking them for an hour walk. When you go running, do you still take them for a long walk? Make switch it for shorter do-your-business-walk followed by a run.

Regarding pace, go slow and steady. So your dogs can catch up. The speed will come after graduation. Give your (and your dogs) joints, tendons and muscles time to prepare for greatness ;)

Happy running!

Hi IgaT!

Thanks for the reply!

Definitely take her after you graduate! It’s a good bonding thing too. Keep up the good work! 😊

What I’ve done both times is taken both my dogs out for half and hour and then leave my oldest dog (he struggles a bit because he has sensitive paws and he’s getting a bit older) and take my youngest dog out for the last half hour. They’re both perfect on the lead cause my husbands a dog trainer. 😂

I think I may have to slow down a bit for him to get his joints and muscles used to it as he’s getting older too, so I’ll need to be more careful.


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