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W9R1 and Ozzy Osbourne


Wasn’t really positive going out this morning. It’s really obvious the longer I do this that I’m training my heart and my head more than anything else. My legs have never protested (am I actually not running correctly?!). Despite this I did it, although again I chickened out and instead of a nice long run out and back or circle round I zig zagged a bit to keep on flat ground. Garmin said 4K though.

Podcast (#224) was as entertaining as ever. Mainly spiders and rock and roll. Ozzy Osbourne had his DNA sequenced and he doesn’t process caffeine well. He has failed several driving tests, once when he fell asleep during it and woke to find a note on the passenger seat - you failed!

Will search out more positivity for Thursday. Nearly there . . . . .

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Funny isn’t it? I felt the same about W9R1 which I did yesterday. Hoping for better tomorrow. Fingers crossed for us both 👍

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See you on the podium (Sunday for me). Have a happy last week. Sarah said she’ll miss me! 😢

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