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One cold hand


Hi all

New to the forum but have just completed W7R3 and feeling great, although I'm only doing just over 3k, so don't feel optimistic about hitting 5k in two weeks. However, I have a recurring problem with my left hand. My right hand warms up as you would expect during my runs, but my left hand stays completely freezing cold throughout, and after this morning's run, stayed cold, numb and a bit tingly for a good while afterwards. Anyone else have this problem, and is it something I should be worried about, being a smoker and all?

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Perhaps you should see a doctor regarding your left hand. You do not need to run the 5K distance in 30 minutes to graduate, just run, slow and steady for those 30 minutes on week 9 run 3, don't know if the smoking has anything to do with your left hand staying cold and numb.

I would go and see the GP- it might not be anything to worry about at all and I doubt it is- there are any number of things that can mess with your circulation.

Best go and get it checked I would say

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