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Stopping for no man or beast wk6 r3


It’s done and I’m very happy, not easy this morning but I had it in my head it was happening and it did. Still too many inclines on my route for my liking. Tried a new one this morning possibly more challenging than my previous route.

Still having past numerous rabbits, 4 dog walkers, 7 dogs, 1 fox and a dead mole, with no time for chit chat 3.97k done in 25 mins which I am well chuffed with as it was quicker pace than 2 x 10 mins runs.

Rest, brekkie and gym. Just have to do it all again next week 😳

Have a good one 👍

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Well done!! And it looks really lovely out there. Well done for the vaulting action over the ex-wildlife too :-)


Well done.

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