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W6R3 uphill and bus home

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I really wanted to do this run today so I can do a park run with a friend on Saturday. So after an early start changed in to a late start (one of those days) I walked across town to the beginning of the route and started Strava when I started my 25 min run, so I could see the distance of this route.

Remember how I noticed it was uphill on my last run, then I turned round and returned the way I'd come? This time I kept going. HOW did I not notice when I walked the whole route that 90% of it is on a slight incline upwards? With an added steeper bit that I got to just as Laura said I had 5 mins to go. At least a lot of it was shady.

In 25 mins running slowly uphill in the heat, followed by 5 mins walking I covered 3.2km. I had 5 mins to stretch then the bus arrived and I took that home. It was a good plan.

Next run is a park run on Sat with a friend, then probably my original route to see how far I get compared to before, THEN I'm going to run today's route backwards and see if I actually go faster down the slight incline.

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Excellent! Always interesting to run reverse routes and run earlier routes and compare!

Well done!

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