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Ouch. Which muscle have I tweeked and what exercises can help.

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I just got in from a 25 minute run, not the first one repeating the week due to bad weather and work commitments. But I had a slight pain in my right bum cheek while running and although I've done more than 5 minute cool down and some stretches it still hurts when I walk. I've done knee raises standing, the same laying on my back, I've sat with one leg straight one bent and stretched forward. Does anyone know any other stretches I can try. Thanks

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I had a sore bum cheek a while back too!

Get on your bed or some other soft surface, in a kneeling position, sitting on your feet, then lie forwards as flat as you can, whilst keeping your legs in the same position and hold it. Seemed to give me some relief....

Similar to a knee raise but just makes life a bit easier!

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Thank you. I'll try that too. Thankfully it has eased but in guessing it may flare up again on my next run

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You've got three muscles in your bum, and they're attached to your hips. So any stretches where you flex your hips should be good.

There's also the sciatic nerve which runs all the way down your leg from bum to calfs. It can get inflamed, resulting in a burning sensation in the muscles. I think massage is the best way to deal with that - you could try rolling your bum and entire leg over a tightly rolled up towel to see if you can find a spot where it's very sore, and if you do, then continue there for a while.

Hope it sorts itself out in a short while.

It's most likely to be your piriformis muscle. You could roll a tennis ball against the wall in the sore spot to get deep but if it comes back it is best to see a bodyworker that can rebalance your pelvis. If you are in the UK or Ireland look up Amatsu.

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stretches and strengthening exercises for hip flexors + for ITBS ( fondly called as ITB or illio tibial band)

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