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W4R3 at last

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Ran W4R3 last night after a weekend away and work got in the way, ran a slightly different route taking us through even more of our beautiful Cheshire countryside. I even managed to run past someone of my teenage sons friends without getting embarrassed. In the last half of the final 5 min run my brain was telling me to stop although my body was fine then I got a pain between the shoulder blades I have never experienced which nearly stopped me, but we pushed on and got it done, very sleepy afterwards 😀

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Well done for ignoring your brain - a vital thing as the weeks go on and the runs get longer. Likewise the teenagers.

The pain is likely to be tension - you might be letting your shoulders “ride up” and tense, making those muscles ache a lot. I’ve had this.

The answer is to frequently “check in” with your shoulders and “force” them to relax as you run. Keep them down and loose as much as you can.

Enjoy the next run!

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Core16 in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks for the advice

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Very well done indeed....when you get that twinge;; just shake out your arms and relax your shoulders..

We do hold ourselves a little tightly sometimes..( concentration on the running) .

Shake out the arms and the hands and just relax into the run:)

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Core16 in reply to Oldfloss

I thought I was probably something like that, thanks for the advice

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