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First twinge


Hi all. Completed w8r1 on Monday and due to do w8r2 today but leaving the gym on Monday, my legs felt extra sore and I had a really uncomfortable night. All day yesterday I kept getting a twinge at the top of my right leg, especially when getting up and down from my chair. I’m not sure if I’ve pulled something or not but it’s very stiff! Should I try it with my run tonight or leave and extra rest day to make sure it’s nothing too bad and I don’t make anything worse?

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Leaving and resting it for another day would be my advice. Making sure you are fit and healthy is more important than sticking to a timetable.

It's better to ensure that your leg is ok to run on and not risk a full blown injury.

Hopefully it's a case of your legs and muscles getting used to the longer runs.

Take Care


Rest it, maybe ice pack it.

I was in same boat between W4 and W5, really sore and painful Achillies tendon on my left ankle. I was totally P'd off that I couldn't keep to the schedule I'd set.

But common sense prevailed I rested for a week. I'm not saying the first run back wasn't hard, it was, but I'm back on track.

Thanks for you advice, left it a day and ran today after work instead and all is well so far!

Hi do you stretch after your runs? Also a foam roller could help. Can be painful but works wonders.

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I am totally in love with my roller - after I curse it for the 20 min I’m using it. Taken away all the aches and pains :)

Haven’t used it since graduating but helped a lot with some non running induced pain! 😣 Was more painful than the injury itself but sorted it in the end. 😊

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Yep! I know what you mean but so worth it to be feeling so fresh for the rest of the day:)

We are sick! 😜

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Off to get my roller!! 😆😆

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