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So here I am starting W7R1 tomorrow. I can't say I enjoy running (or slow jogging in my case) maybe that will come the more confident I get and the more comfortable I feel. I really have to keep telling myself that I can do this and not to give up. I don't seem to have a problem with breathlessness but more that my legs ache. I need to keep pushing myself through this feeling and telling that voice in my head that says you can't do this to go away (polite term) , does anyone else feel like this? I am however very proud of myself and never thought I would see the day that I could run 25 minutes without stopping!!! I make a point of telling my husband then both my sons, their partner's, work colleagues and anyone else that will listen that I can now run 10, 20, 25 mins without stopping, yes actually run!!!

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Hi Trish, I have been having the same as you - aching legs but breathing okay. I completed Week 7 runs 2 & 3, but found myself slowing to a walk a couple of times. I was advised to keep hydrated and try again. I run in the evenings, so I drank lots of water during the day and managed runs 2 & 3 without the leg problem and I now find that the aching is much reduced. Also like you, I didn't believe that I could run 25 mins without stopping and what a great feeling when completing it. W8R1 next! I hope this may help you along - good luck.

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Thank you Ray I will try drinking more during the day before running in the evening. Such a sense of achievement when you complete a run isn't it? Well done you and good luck for week 8!!

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