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W9R1 - New shoes, no graduation (yet) - but I bloody well did it!!!!!!


Well - I promised my self new running shoes when I graduated - but I wanted to see C25K out in style so bought these little beauties at the weekend for the final week's running - Asics Gel-Pulse 10 - so much more comfortable (so much more bounce!) - no wonder I felt like I was wearing flippers with my old trainers :)

Anyway - did the run last night - 30.03 mins and 5.03 km - still doing a little jig of satisfaction.

The first run of the week has always been my best - I have 2 days off from the last run of the previous week. I'm really trying to focus on keeping a steady (ish) pace. Made all the more difficult last night as every bugger seemed to be driving down the roads at the point I wanted to cross! But the splits were good (I think!):

1km - 5:52

2km - 5:57

3km - 5:59

4km - 6:02

5km - 6:01

Average 5:59 min/km

So unbelievably proud of myself - 10 weeks ago (had a week off due to painful calves) - the thought of 60s running filled me with dread - now I just effing well ran for 30mins and ENJOYED IT (cue hysterical laughter!!).

After all of my previous runs my achilles have been tight/sore - but this morning just a 'good' lightness - they know they have been exercised. All the previous pain I have put down to crappy shoes. If I had my time again - good shoes before I started the program.

2 more runs till graduation - BRING IT ON!!!

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Cool trainers, great news, good pace!

PaulBradGraduate in reply to Visionon

Cheers mate - how's the achilles?. Saw your previous post when you were ice packing them

VisiononGraduate in reply to PaulBrad

Much better thanks, like you I have just invested in new trainers (second run this morning in them) and am religiously doing heel drops, people look at me a bit strangely but its worth it!

Hoping like you I am over the worst :-)

PaulBradGraduate in reply to Visionon

I found heel drops useful - best of luck!


Amazing run! Well done! I have also bought myself some new shoes but don't want to wear them until I graduate - weirdly I want to do the whole programme in the same pair of shoes for some superstitious reason I can't fathom. I'm doing W9R2 tomorrow, so hopefully graduate by the weekend. Good luck - nice shoes! :)

PaulBradGraduate in reply to Dizzysmum17

LOL - I was thinking exactly the same!! But my calves and achilles were beginning to become unresponsive to the brufen gel and I really wanted to see if I could do the 5k so I wanted to give myself the best possible chance this week. No pain this morning so fingers crossed tit was the right decision - good luck with the rest of your runs!

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