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25 mins smashed


My children’s dad is away this weekend so I thought I wouldn’t get my week 6run 3 in. I woke up this morning and thought screw it. I’ll make them come with me. Made them quickly get dressed and get their scooters and off we went.

Did my first 25mins with them following on their scooters. Not sure if it was because of the distractions but it actually felt fine.

Can’t believe I can now run 25 mins!

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Yay Well done 😊I bet they loved it 😊

I take my son in my runs now, either on scooter or bike or run usually bike though 🏃🏃‍♀️😊😉


Well done! 👍Distractions are good - takes your mind off the run and makes it go more quickly! I'm sure your kids enjoyed the morning scoot too. I left everyone in my house in bed this morning so I could run before the heat gets unbearable.


Well done. You will be through W7 before you know it.


Good for you. I bet they really enjoyed it too.😊


I think they were a bit surprised as I’m usually moaning that they’d got me up too early.

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