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W2R1&2.... in W3


So... the planned W2 went out of the window. A bonkers week work-wise in which I couldn’t spare even an hour, let alone three, to get out and run (anyone who tells you running your own business is easy... is lying!). Couldn’t hide my disappointment all week and motivation took a nose dive.

But....! Commenced W2, a week late, with a vengeance. Didn’t have much worry about the actual run times etc, but was worried about shin pain as per previous posts.

To my shock and surprise, the shin pain seems to be almost vanished in my right leg. It’s still present in my left leg, but doesn’t seem as pronounced... I’m hoping therefore that it’s purely my muscles getting used to running, rather than actual splints. Fingers crossed!

Fitness mat and foam roller on the way though, as want to do whatever I can to ensure that my shins don’t remain the deal breaker.

Thankfully my other half has obliged with some shin and calf massages... although as she’s an equine physio by trade, don’t be surprised if my next runs are more of a trot or canter.... 😂

Desperately looking forward to W2R3, my preferred route is now longer than the C25k plan, so I just continue the run/walk process until 5 minutes from home again, just to push myself.

And.... drum roll please.... just signed up for my first 5K in October (Supernova 2018 at the QE Olympic Park) which I can’t wait for! But no doubt I’ll be ready well before then and be straight on to Park Runs as soon as I’ve completed this programme.

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