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So tomorrow is W7R3 think I’m gonna try an out doors run!

Only ever run on treadmill but want a new challenge

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Go for it. Take it steady - running outside is a little harder.

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My son has said he find it harder to run outside

Would like to give it a go if it’s not for me I can just do this run again at the gym but will defo try a complete it

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I can’t imagine running indoors - I hope you love it.


Yes do take it easy as it’s so different I made the mistake of thinking it would be the same. I struggled to get my breathing right and just couldn’t get my pace so be aware. Let us know

how it goes for you, when you get used to it you will not want to go on your treadmill ever again running outside is the best.

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Will defo update tomorrow


I was the same, ad has been said in a previous reply, the biggest challenge I faced was keeping an even slow pace, I mix and match now primarily due to spending a lot of time in hotels because of work, my 5k times are similar now but the outdoor runs are more enjoyable but still a challenge to get the pace right, try to find a route that is as flat as possible to begin with, hills, even fairly minor slopes can be a real challenge

I struggle to run on a treadmill as I seem to get too tired too quickly- outdoor (and for me, off road) running is much more fun, as you have to concentrate so much on not tripping over something that you don’t notice how long you’ve been running! On a treadmill all I do is stare at the numbers.

Go for it!

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The gym I go to the treadmills are in front of windows so is nice to look out and watch people/ traffic going past it’s first floor level looking out at the world going by 😊

Definitely give it a go, it’s a bit different to running on a treadmill but just take it slowly. 👍

Don’t worry about your pace, you can’t compare it to what you do on a treadmill. 😊

Get out there and see the world, you might see things differently as a runner than you’d see them otherwise! 🙂

Keep enjoying your running, mix things up from time to time just to keep it interesting.

Very best of luck, let us know how you get on 🙂

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Yea it’s good to do something different keeps it interesting


Yes, yes, yes!!😀

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Yep, outdoor is tougher, I think!


Definitely give it a go! I’ve only ever run on a treadmill once and I nearly flew off the back! You will love the outdoor life! Although if you run in the evening you might need some insect repellent! 🕷 🐞 🐜


Do try it :) Running outside versus inside is like the difference between watching TV and going to Live Theatre! :) It is a blast :) So different from walking even though you go the exact same routes etc :)

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But I bloody done it 👍

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Well done! I’ve not started running outdoors yet but would love to. Was it a lot harder than on the treadmill?

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Yes but a good challenge the hardest part is getting the pace right and getting used to the uneven paths also choosing a route I’m hoping to do this as my Sunday run 😊

o wow I'm excited for you!!!!

As someone who doesn't love exercise I have to say I loved my cross-trainer days in the comfort of the gym because I never had to battle sh*tty weather and I used to hop straight into a shower at the gym and then skedaddle to work so if fit into my routine like a gem. I had beautiful views over the sea and I would stuck my music on and just drift off!

But since starting c25k I can't even explain how much I love that it's out doors... the freedom of it is it's biggest appeal. You can choose any scenic area, any scape. City paths, park paths, forest roads, field, country and beach! Amazing! I honestly at times feel like a dog that's been let off the leash!!!!

o I hope you enjoy it! :-) I would say whatever happens stick at it. Running's exportability is it's greatest asset.

I’m aiming to keep it up outside on a Sunday morning as not easy to after work busy road/paths on the route I’d been using


Running outside is amazing the wind through your hair, the wildlife the uphill and even better the downhill and it's cheaper and quicker as you don't have to pay for the gym get in the car and drive there and back. Try it I'm sure you will love it 😍

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