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Bye bye intervals!!!

W6r2 out of the way and it’s bye bye to stopping and starting and honestly, I’m kinda glad after this week.

I never in a million years thought I’d be running for any prolonged length of time but to complete the 20min run at the end of week 5 left me with a such a high and that delightful crash back down to earth that is the first run of week 6 hurt!!

The hardest part of the week 6 runs in my opinion is the getting started again after the ‘walk’ break. They seemed to come just as I was hitting my stride and then getting going after felt horrible. Any one else found this?

Safe to say I don’t think I’ll be missing them ☺️

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Totally agree. The stop start runs really messed me up. Much happier finding a rhythm and just plodding on until the end. Weeks 7,8,9 are all about just banging on.


I am at exactly the same point in the programme, and agree about the interval training. I know it’s got a purpose, but it seems easier just to keep going!


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