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Tips on using Speed, Stamina and Stepping stones podcasts...

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I just wondered how the 3 post C25K podcasts relate to each other, and how they should be used? I've done 3 runs since finishing C25K, the last one using Speed. Is the idea to use this for 3 runs a week, or should it be interspersed with a 30min run? What is the thinking behind how these fit together and the best way to use them? There is maybe information somewhere I've not seen as I used them from a podcast app on my phone .

Any thoughts anyone?

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Well done you...but, we do advise folk to wait a while before moving onto the + podcasts...

and get some 30 minute consolidation runs in first... and some different routes and distances.

The podcasts are more challenging than folk think. Folks can try them to soon and may become disheartened, ( not saying you will :))

Our running legs have just started getting going in C25K, and the +podcasts can prove tricky!

They teach us about the different disciplines in our running and may help to improve speed and stamina too:)

Many of us use them solo or within our longer runs. as our running legs get stronger.

I did a few weeks of consolidation runs, different routes and always with a 30 minute in there... after Graduation and ran just because I could..then I started with Stepping Stones... which you either love or loathe... a challenging pace setter and very tricky to get right... :)

I did that for one week.. three runs ( with rest days obviously) and then the same with Stamina and Speed..three runs each week....I use Stamina now a lot within other runs and Speed, also, and in a longer run too, or if I am short on time:)

Many of the Graduates love them :) I am sure you will get some replies... :)

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AngeladaherraGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks for that. I did a couple of longer runs first before doing the speed one which I chose because it is shorter blasts of running faster and it lasted for less time! It was quite tricky to run at the slow pace though as I run somewhere in between the two tempos of the podcast. It certainly instils discipline! I listened a bit to the other too and they sounded a bit more intense so thought it best to leave them for a bit. But it is useful to know that it would be good to repeat them during the same week rather than doing once and then reverting to 30min run. I guess though that just simply running more is likely to improve speed too. :-)

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Angeladaherra

It can...but not always...I run three times a Speed... my happy pace... tends to remain constant..;)

I've just started consolidating so following this with interest. Well Done in graduating and good luck going forward.

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Good question thanks! 😀 I too will follow this with interest.

I have found same experience as Floss’s reply.

I do not use a playlist and did not know of Laura until well on in C25k.

So the stepping stones, stamina and speed with audio fuel was just an amazing treat for me.

During consolidation I kept it simple for me by doing 3x5k irrespective of the time it took.

After a few weeks I commenced using the podcasts with my 5k runs in the above order.

I think because simply that the bpm slightly increased in that order.

Did a full week with each.3 runs per week, of course.

Then I used them to support me as follows,

Speed intervals as a hard weekly run,

Stamina as a 5k weekly short easy run.

Stepping stones and stamina with a long easy run from 5k to 12.6k using the TPRule.

I use the simple Borg number 0-10. Self assessed to distinguish between hard and easy exertion.

0 is couch and 10 is flat out.

Of course my pace is slow enough, I have to repeat the podcast, even several times to complete a particular

I also found that Laura helps you initially to succeed with them by advising you to have light, quick, short steps, shorten stride length if required, and this assists you to get through the workout.

Of course she encourages you to return and not to be disappointed and keep using them until you are comfortable.

I think they are a good fit with the 10 the magic number 10K plan also.? Looking forward to trying the 30:20:10? on JuJu’s plan.

Definately help you to consolidate and perhaps for some,feel what 165 bpm pace is like.

Many others are running at 180 bpm plus and their heels flying out the rear.I can only dream of that at present.

Varying degrees of like,I was not put off by the 1234,and found it a help with pace and rhythm.

They are cleverly constructed and structured and have there place for immediate post graduates at a suitable point in consolidation and beyond.

Hope this helps.

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AngeladaherraGraduate in reply to Tbae

Thanks. Lots if tips and suggestions in there. What's the Borg scale you refer to? Not come across that before. There's more to this running malarkey than I ever imagined at the start!

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Tbae in reply to Angeladaherra

Yes, you can google it.That and the Karvonen heart rate formulae.

The Borg Number is a self assessment 0-10.

Where 0 is the couch and 10 is flat out for any activity.Your Slow and steady happy pace maybe 5/6 eg.

Hope this helps.

The 30/20/10 intervals, maybe 4-6, 6-8, and 9-10, respectively for each period.

Useful information! I’ll be interested to hear more about how people use and get on with these podcasts.

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