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5K+ Stepping Stones/Stamina/Speed Podcasts - Are they still available for download?

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As I am nearing C25K graduation I was looking at what the next step would be and I have seen posts saying the above podcasts were good but when I try to download and play them via iTunes it says no longer available - any help or advice would be appreciated please.

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I thought it was on a sticky on here. Someone will know. Feel sure it's still available

I ran them inside out 😀 I run them when they crop up on my playlist

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I downloaded them just a couple of weeks ago without any problems. I've just checked now and they're still coming up in the list of available podcasts. I'm searching via the podcast app, not in iTunes directly, in case that makes a difference.

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Still there as far as I can tell ???

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I found a little while ago that they seemed to be getting confused on the feed with the strength and flex ones - it kept downloading the wrong one.... They are available to download from the website, so I did that instead!

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There you go... :-)


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