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W6R2 - bye bye to intervals!


Completed W6R2 yesterday evening and although a little easier than W6R1 - still tougher than expected! During the first 10mins - I did contemplate giving up around but MJ chipped in to say there were only 60s left - so managed to push through.

Legs definitely still feel heavy and I think this was making me waddle/run differently and as a consequence I had lower back pain right across the top of my backside.

I think there must be a fault with the app on this run because the first 10mins felt like 15mins and the 3min walk was gone in 60s - anyone else noticed this :).

Second 10mins was much better though and by the last 5mins I was running (not waddling) much easier and felt as if I could have carried on running at the end.

The only bug-bear was the running app - Runtastic. I'm curious to see how I'm doing at various parts of the run and as I run the same route each time I know where I have previously been finishing. Anyway last night (despite the difficulties) I finished much further than I have previously - just after the tanning salon by the co-op rather than the park gates - if you know it ;). Looked at the app and it read 1min 40s - I'd only just got out of our road - very disappointed Runtastic stall be moving over to Strava - lots of others seem to use this.

Really pleased with myself and strangely am looking forward to W6R3.

Good luck everyone!

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I will be doing that run tomorrow (redoing C25K after illness).

I hope your run goes well. 😀

I am not that excited about the technology really, but I do love that Mapmyrun maps me as having run in the sea when I run on the beach at low tide!😃

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