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W7r1 better but slow

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Back on track on w7 now. My speedy friend came with me again so we blathered all the way around meaning my time was a bit slower than when I’m on my own, but I managed it all without any walking.

Time seemed to pass quite well too. My cunning strategy was to keep asking her questions to keep her talking and that slowed her down to my pace 😜

I’m back on my own again Wednesday so will have to try to push a bit - and fancying driving to try a different location to run Friday!! 😳 I’m hoping river banks are pretty flat!

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River banks are pretty flat, I ran the last of the 28 minute week 8 runs today along a river bank, namely the river Forth at Stirling Scotland, river bank walkways or seaside proms are usually flat by their nature being beside water. Like the way you tried to keep your speedy friend to run slower.

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Well I guess that's what they call a conversational pace! I'm pretty sure i wouldn't be able to maintain a conversation!

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CrittermadGraduate in reply to Saartjie

My contribution was pretty low 😂

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Well done for chatting and running at the same time, I have my W7R1 tonight and am sure I won’t be able to even think about doing both together 😄😄

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CrittermadGraduate in reply to lollytwist

Thanks - open questions help 😂 good luck for this evening 🏃🏻‍♀️

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I don’t know how you can talk & Run?!!! I can barely breath!!! Depends on the river bank.. Where I am they’ve done some work but not the whole path! Just remember where there’s trees there’s flies to snack on! 🤮🤣

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CrittermadGraduate in reply to Soozy16


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I must admit being a bit frightened of Wk7. As I was on holiday for a week after Wk6 I’m repeating it - an allowance I’m making for being 69yo.

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CrittermadGraduate in reply to Mikeah69

I was on holiday too, so I repeated run 2 & 3 from week 6 before heading into w7

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Well done.

Glad to hear you're back on track.

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