Morning all, completed W7R1 last night with my friend although I didn't do it as per Laura & the app. I actually ran form 40 mins non stop & finally hit 3 mile with a 13.06 minute mile in there. I started at 18.9 minute miles so I'm over the moon with that although obviously that included walking.

It was a completely different route to usual, one which requires someone to collect you afterwards (at this stage anyway) as you're 3 miles from home with a huuuuuge uphill to get you back. I ran this route just before starting C25K with my friend & it was really bad & took a good hour+ with lots of walking so we both wanted to see how far I've come in 7 weeks & I was absolutely amazed, as was she :)

The first 20 mins are downhill so it was pretty easy then as I got onto the straight it's mostly small uphills, flats, uphills again with a small downhill toward the end giving just enough time to get your breath back ready for the final flat.

My legs were like jelly after but I felt absolutely amazing & really enjoyed the run. 

Back to 25 minutes tomorrow & normal route I think as I'll be out on my own again.

Good luck all running this week xx

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  • Not long now Vicky until you graduate. You are doing amazingly well xx

  • Thank youuuuu :) xx

  • Hey well done, that's awesome. I modified W7R1 a bit too this morning and set a 4.5km route around a farm that I normally do, but instead of stopping after 25mins I ran the whole thing which took about 30 mins, so I was fairly pleased with that, although a year ago I used to be able to do the whole route in 24 mins, so hopefully I'll get back to that. I'm still feeling mega exhausted and got a bit of a stitch today, but I'm hoping it will pass.

  • That's great well done you :)

    I do Miles rather than km but maybe I should as it sounds longer so I ran 4.8km hahahaha :) Makes me feel better lol. 

    My next goal is 3.10 miles (5km), I'm not bothered about my times I just want to be able to keep going if that makes sense although it's such a buzz knowing you've got faster. 

    You set a great time at 4.5km in 30 mins, brilliant :) 

    Hope the stitch passes, I just have a bit of tightness behind my knee, hoping it will be all good for tomorrows run x

  • That's just showing off :)  Well done, sounds like an amazing run x

  • Hahaha this fat bird is running!! Well actually I'm doing a really slow jog where my whole body wobbles but hey ho ;) xx

  • We could be twins LOL!  That sounds exactly like me!  I've decided to brave W7R1 tomorrow as my cough is a little better and I don't like the IC at all.  Good luck for run 2 sweetie xx

  • Hahaha at least I'm not the only one, sorry :) xx

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