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Who is your favourite coach and why?


Did W2R2 this morning which means I've now had a chance to sample all the coaches. Before I started I thought that Michael would be favourite (I was expecting a bit more American enthusiasm) but turns out it's Jo. I'll be using her for the rest of my journey. Her voice is so calming that I find it easier to keep focused on relaxing. Just wondering who everyone else listens to and why.

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Jo Whiley is awesome. Started with Laura, but then made the switch to Jo and haven't looked back


I am underwhelmed to be honest. They all read the same script. I thought each one would give a different flavour, but they are all identical.


I like Laura - started with Sarah but I find Laura suits me better. Haven’t tried any of the others.


Laura... and me... I can talk myself into anything :)

I love running with Jo, I’ve not tried any of the others and I’m sad that they all say the same thing, but Jo’s voice is just so nice to listen to!

It’s definitely Jo for me, I chose Sarah to start with as I thought it would be full of one liners and that humour would help me through it but it absolutely wasn’t. Jo’s smooth voice is so much nicer to listen too.


Laura. She was the only option the first time I did this and she feels like an old friend 😊


Trying them all! Tried 3 so far (just completed week 1) and was rather liking Michael’s lovely voice in my ear 😂


I picked Sarah from the start, never tried the others. She made me laugh just hearing her. 👍😁

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