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W2R3 Completed


Well that's the third run of week two completed. Difficult to tell if it's getting easier or not, although I do seem to be getting further. I ran with music for the first time today which kept me from thinking about what was I was doing, using free spotify, which is suitable for my needs, but does Rod Stewart really need to have gangsta rappers in his songs FFS.

At the moment I'm in Spain and it's all pleasure to get up and run here in the warm and great scenery, whether I'll be so motivated when I get home next week remains to be seen.

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Well done JohnTR! I too just completed W2R3 and I may be imagining it, but I really feel like my recovery rate is improving. Still some way to go, but I feel really committed to completing the programme despite several false starts over the last few years. Keep it up :-)

JohnTRGraduate in reply to Megatoothster

I feel fairly committed but I know it will take a real push for me to run at home, live at the highest point in town so although it will be great starting the run, the return has got to be up some steep slopes. Plus who likes running around housing estates, otherwise need to drive and find somewhere that is better to run, but can I be bothered?

Hopefully get the first two runs of W3 completed here in Spain before going home, good thing is I'm back in 3 weeks.

God I'm a moaner! 😀

l3grj in reply to JohnTR

Not a lazy moaner though aye🤓

misswobbleGraduate in reply to l3grj

Get in your car and drive then! come on! 💪😃🏃‍♂️You’re worth it for goodness sake! No-one’s gonna get fit for you 🤷‍♀️

We’re adults! We can do motivation

Get into the running habit while we have the weather on our side 🙂

JohnTRGraduate in reply to misswobble

I know I asked for motivation but feel beaten up now, yes dear!

Pmsl 😂

l3grj in reply to JohnTR


Pelvic floor exercises as well as running?

This is is getting serious.



Ooooh shame about Rod! Oh dear. Oh well you have plenty of his back catalogue to dip in to. Some pearlers for sure

It doesn’t get any easier yet. You’ve only run a few times to be fair

Make sure you are running only slowly That way you’ll cope 😃💪🏃‍♂️

Lovely venue you have there 😃

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