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Preparation or procrastination?


So week 9, should have started this in the week but been away working then had the day off yesterday but decided to shampoo my carpets instead ( other mummies seen to do lunches, shopping, gym, self care, and I shampoo carpets, what is going on there?) anyway what this means is week 9 starts today.

Here is my concern......wait for it.......hold your horses.........only fools rush in.........

I don’t want week 9 to start, looking back at my original post I’ve met my objectives for starting this and even the jelly belly seems to be benefiting from the experience but the truth is I’ve really enjoyed motivating and challenging myself with something I’m completely in control of.

The thought that in just 3 high speed shuffle sessions this will be done and dusted in slightly upsetting, so my question to all of you and hopefully there are some of you out there in the same boat is what do we do next ??

I would say answers on a postcard but that’s so old school, lol

Have a great weekend x

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I totally get the "This has just been such a fantastic experience I don't want it to stop" thoughts. There are a lot of us in the same boat.

But we'll still be here as Grads, with badges, going other stuff. We'll still be together. We'll still be learning. We'll still be supporting each other.

This isn't and end. It's a beginning. How good does that sound? Bring it on!!

(And we promise not to put our muddy trainers on your lovely clean carpets :-) )

Well it would appear that whilst I was taking “time out” to write my post my beloved children of angelic proportions decided to let the hamster out for a “freedom” run so I now have squashed in hamster poop to deal with so muddy trainers are no problem (just remove them in the front porch!) lol x

sallensonGraduate in reply to Clarebear76

As they say, "Shit Happens". Sometimes literally.... :-)

So 2 hours after this post I’m still not out but running gear is on and guess what just waiting on the jibber jabber to get his act together!!

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