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W7 R2

Up early, the sun is shining and the birds are singing (except the dead one on the dining room floor ). Checked my gag reflex was holding up , managed to clear up the carnage and off I went at 8am.

It was a really nice run and three lovely gentlemen strimming the grave yard smiled and waved and stoped when I passed so I didn’t get covered in dust, on my final circuit the one that looked like grand dad from only fools said “ you’ve done so well in this heat well done” 😀😀 Apparently I ran 4.1 K 26mins which I think is ok. Very happy bunny this morning 🐰

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Much faster than me!

Well done!

Its very flat !!!

No room for modesty on this forum!

It is impressive, own it!

My run is mainly flat, I avoid running uphill whenever possible.


Go girl! You are doing great.

But... Bad Kitty! Thanks for the erm...... 'Gift'.


Umm do you have a cat? 😀 That's the only thing I can think of to explain the bird...

Well done on a cracking run and awesome pace! It's wonderful when the run goes well, and the locals give approval.

Two cats and its been brutal during the nesting season 😬😬

DeeRunningGraduate in reply to amanda2463


DeeRunningGraduate in reply to amanda2463

They do mean well with their lil gifts, bless them

Hidden in reply to amanda2463

Oh God mine is like that. It really upsets me when it's a bird. Mice I can cope with but the birds are so pretty & so pitiful when they r dead!


I hit 2 miles on my W7 Run 3, so you're a bit quicker than me! Well done and keep going!

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