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The dreaded W5R3


Yes! I did it! The dreaded W5R3 - and (*whispers) it was easier than I thought! With some help from Talking Heads and XTC, along with the ever present Dobby the lurcher, I actually ran for 20 minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed it, weirdly, and for the first time since I started this mad journey the dog was actually tired at the end 😂! This programme really works - I know I’m preaching to the converted but it’s so worth doing! Happy Friday everyone and keep running! 🏃‍♀️ 😊

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Well done! That's a big milestone achieved with ease. Watch out for W6, it's a tricky bugger. And thumbs up for XTC too 👍👍🏃‍♀️

Dizzysmum17Graduate in reply to sallenson

Thank you - and thanks for the advice! Always appreciated :)


Well done, but I really wish that people would stop referring to W5R3 as dreaded. It gives the wrong message to those following on and is just another workout, which probably has a no higher difficulty rating than any other.

W6R1 is the one to look out for.......take it slow.

Dizzysmum17Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Haha! Yeah true that! You’re absolutely right which is probably why I mentioned that - the reactions of others are easy to get tied up in! Having said that maybe thinking the worst goes some way towards realising that it’s less difficult than we believe when waiting to get to that point? It is what it is and the thought of it for many is the problem, not the actual doing of it. I do hear week 6 can be problematic so taking it all on board. Thanks for the advice. :)

Strange, I found both of them OK. W6R3 this morning was a challenge, but then every day was.


Well done! Do watch out for Wk6. Keep with this brilliant programme and you’ll get there! Fantastic achievement 😀

Dizzysmum17Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you very much 😊


Well done! Such a great feeling isn't it 😀

Dizzysmum17Graduate in reply to Nictwit

It is definitely a great feeling - and thank you very much 😊


Well done, it's such good feeling isn't it x

Dizzysmum17Graduate in reply to carmour1983

It definitely is! I can't believe how good I feel about it! :)


Well done. People - including me at the time - do dread the first long run, but you’ve shown they really don’t need to.

Enjoy W6 - it’s a bit harder than it looks as others have already said. Just needs respect and taking the first two runs slowly.

Hope you’ve realised that you have increased your non-stop running time by 19 minutes since W1 and you only have 10 more minutes to add over the final weeks. You’ve got this!

Dizzysmum17Graduate in reply to Jay66UK

Thank you - that’s really kind. And great advice! :)

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