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The long dreaded W5R3

I started this programme after my partner graduated. I could she how much she was enjoying it and thought I’d give it a go.

I have never run in my life and to be honest never wanted to either. Well I’ve now got the bug and am glad to say I’ve just ran for 20 continuous minutes 😃. I can believe it, at the start I could not see myself running for 5 never mind 20

Looking forward to week 6 now

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Well done! A good buzz! Yes?


Yes it is still got a smile on my face

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And it gets even better, as your partner knows..


Lol I can totally relate to you - I have never run before never wanted to and the thought of it would fill me with dread !

I too have just completed w5 and I am amazed that I have just jogged for 20mins ! 😁

I am still doing this on the treadmill as my confidence stops me going out ( it's all in my head I know no one gives a toss 🤪🤣) but I'm still doing it !

Good luck with week 6

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I know how you feel. I run on a cycle path where it’s quiet most of the time just the odd dog walker. Im


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