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Week 7 never ever thought I'd be a runner


Having once weight over 21 stone no way did I think I'd be told I could call myself a runner. Having lost 6 stone dieting now want to get fit and as I hated running at school what bigger challenge could I pick to not only learn but love running. Couldn't run a lamp post at the start now second time I've run 25mins this week and even working away took my running stuff and ran down the Thames so i didn't miss my schedule run. Only problem is seem to be putting weight on not loosing it but it's not putting me off just wish that would change soon 🤞

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Well done. I couldn’t run for a bus. But I’ve now done my first park run and am watching my times go down. I get a bit tetchy if I dont run. Im loving it. I’m sure your weight will stabilise. I’m on long term drug therapy after breast cancer and weight gain is a side effect. But now finding its stabilising. So I’m sure it will happen for you you too.

Wow well done 6 stone loss is tremendous, Keep up the good work


Well done. There’s some determination showing there! Keep enjoy it.

My weight hardly changed initially but is now dropping. I noticed I was eating more but I was dehydrated not hungry - keep the water flowing.

Enjoy the final runs.

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